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 Swim Lessons
Parent & Child Water Discovery Class (6 Months-36 Months) Class Ratio 1:8
Members- $25         Non-Members- $48
*Members-$18        Non-Members- $33

: (Combined Shrimp, Kipper, Inia, Perch) Focuses on introducing children to the water in a fun and inviting atmosphere with lots of toys and songs.

Mon & Wed            5:00-5:30pm        Prevetion Park
Saturday*               10:00-10:30am         Prevention Park

Preschool Lessons (Ages 3-5 Years) Class Ratio 1:4
Members- $25     Non-Members- $48
*Members-$18     Non-Members- $33
Pike: Designed to help children feel more comfortable and confident in the water on their own. Classes emphasize water safety, kicking, submerged bubble blowing, and floating with and without assistance. 
Mon & Wed                5:00-5:30pm        Prevention Park
Mon & Wed            5:30-6:00pm      Prevention Park
Mon & Wed            6:00-6:30pm      Prevention Park
Saturday*               10:30-11:00am       Prevention Park
Tues & Thurs               6:00-6:30pm       Downtown
Tues & Thurs               6:30-7:00pm       Downtown

: Eel swimmers are comfortable swimming with their face in the water for short distances on their own. Children will practice streamlines, front crawl, elementary backstroke, and backstroke.
Mon & Wed             5:00-5:30pm     Prevention Park
Mon & Wed             5:30-6:00pm     Prevention Park
Mon & Wed             6:30-7:00pm     Prevention Park
Saturday*                11:00-11:30am      Prevention Park
Tues & Thurs                6:30-7:00pm      Downtown
Tues & Thurs                7:00-7:30pm      Downtown

: Rays are children who are comfortable and confident in the water. This class focuses on teaching children rotary breathing, treading water, and components of breaststroke.
Mon & Wed                  6:30-7:00pm      Prevention Park
Tues & Thurs                7:00-7:30pm      Downtown
Tues & Thurs                6:00-6:30pm      Downtown
Youth Lessons (Ages 6-13 Years) Class Ratio 1:6
Members- $38             Non-Members- $70
**Members- $22         Non-Members-$44

: Polliwogs are beginning swimmers. Class emphasizes water adjustment, floating, kicking, streamlines, and water safety.
Mon & Wed                5:30-6:15pm     Prevention Park
Saturday**            11:30-12:15am     Prevention Park
Tues & Thurs              6:00-6:45pm     Downtown

: Children in the guppy level are comfortable in the water and can swim short distances independently. Guppies are introduced to rotary breathing (breathing to the side) during the front crawl, back crawl, and breaststroke.
Mon & Wed                6:15-7:00pm     Prevention Park
Tues & Thurs             6:00-6:45pm     Downtown

: Designed to refine basic skills like rotary breathing for front crawl and breaststroke kick while also building endurance.
Tues & Thurs              6:45-7:30pm    Downtown

Flying Fish
: Flying Fish swimmers have a good base knowledge and ability in the different types of strokes. They are introduced to butterfly, sidestroke, flip turns and some rescue skills.
Tues & Thurs              6:45-7:30pm    Downtown
Private Swim Lessons
Members- $50             Non-Members- $100
Private Swim Lessons are scheduled on an individual basis and are offered for all ages and ability levels. Private lessons include (4) 30 minute lessons. Contact Sabrina James to schedule lessons.












The Frankfort YMCA is a member agency of the United Way of Franklin County.

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